Words of wisdom and pearls of life to build the spirit of your life

Words of wisdom and pearls of life to build the spirit of your life
The Sun was shining and a new life has begun. Dendangkanlah Pearl words everyday life today and start working today. Think that you deserve to be happy and deserved to win today. Whatever happened yesterday, leave and don’t let it disturb you experience. Step up and make an impact your life. Be strong spirit and inspirasimu this day with the word pearls of wisdom in this life…
Words of wisdom and pearls of life to build the spirit of your life
1. Life Is Not A Coincidence, “Said Oprah Winfrey 
I believe that any incident in life happens in a chance for love, not fear
– Oprah Winfrey
For you an almost desperate words, look at the lives of these pearls! Events in life, whatever that is, it should make more and loved life. Love life in his adventures. The failure is too ephemeral to make you afraid. Hardship is too trivial to make you give up. Believe and are sure that in every curve of my life, there will always be an inspiration to the next step.
2. Abraham Lincoln: You Are Worthy To Be Known

Don’t worry when you snubbed, but fight so deserves to be known
– Abraham Lincoln

Like the word pearls this life, you don’t have to worry that people will mengacuhkanmu. Worrying won’t change the situation, but start doing something. Start seeing yourself deeper. 
3. Michael Jordan Live In Target

You must have the target before you do something
– Michael Jordan

If you want to have a life full of adventure, make it a target for your life. A dream is just a dream if you don’t move to make it happen. The process of pursuing the dream is much more beautiful than having a dream. The target would trigger yourself to survive and remain on the plan. When plan A fails, you shall make a plan B, and so on. That is what will make your life more exciting and full of adventure. 
4. Mahatma Gandhi: A Prayer For Life

Prayer is the key to opening day and night cover screw
– Mahatma Gandhi

Prayers of the ibaratkan words like pearls of life of which you speak. Iringilah life and yourselves with heartfelt prayer of the shape. Ask all your requests to the protect them as if tomorrow you will get it. 
5. Bruce Lee Know Makes Life Meaningful

Real life is lived for others
– Bruce Lee

Words of pearls this life could be an inspiration for you today. Best life, it would be better if you life be a blessing to others. You let your life used to appease others. 
6. Thomas Carlyle: The Problem Of Making You A Genius

Genius is the infinite capabilities in coping with the problem
– Thomas Carlyle

For you who are currently facing severe problems, consider the words of this life. Problems in life is not the obstacle to growth. The problem arises because you deserve better things will be. 
7. John F. Kennedy Did Not Like Comfort

Comfort is the prison freedom and barriers to developing
– John F. Kennedy

Success could be the sweetest things of which you have received in life. It becomes an appreciation for all the work kerasmu. Have fun and celebrate to taste!

Don’t let yourself fall asleep on enjoy the convenience! Start again work today because you do not know who will mengalahkanmu the next day. Make words Word pearls this life as a inspirasimu to flourish. 

8. Walt Disney: Focus On The Future

Time and situations change rapidly because of that we must stay focused on the future
Walt Disney

Without you ever realize, life is changing quickly as soon as you wink. Without you realize, there is a time that you use it properly and you waste time. Words of life teach us to always do the best changes in life. Focus on your future so that time is not wasted in vain.
9. Mike Tyson & Learning Process

Lord, let everything happen with one reason. All of that is a learning process and you must pass each level
– Mike Tyson

Yes, Mike Tyson right! This life is the opportunity to always learn. You learn to become better through everything that happens in your life. Don’t give up just because of a hitch! When this fails, learn from this failure to succeed.
10. Da Vinci Know Time

Word Of Life-The Pearl Of The Leonardo 

– Da Vinci

Time dwelt long enough for the people who use it
Leonardo Da Vinci
What is the greatest treasure for mankind? Yes, time. Ye that determines whether that time is beneficial or not. Like the word pearls this life, quick time go when you never use it properly.
pearls the best words to make you always the spirit of the pursuit of the goals of your life. Try as well memperhatikanmu the Lord always. Make a quote collection of words this part of life pearls perjuanganmu embody dreams. Hopefully the collection of words of pearls this part of semangatmu today.
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