Words of wisdom the most motivating of life

Servings wise words about the simple life here can be part of Pearl Heart in motivating every human being to reach the real life.

Because simplicity is the key to achieve the happiness of life. The things that are small and seem trivial, could well bring great glory. The bottom line is for the simple life of the vibrant, never underestimate any case.

If we are able to live simply, then at least we’ve managed to achieve happiness over the soul, conscience, and ourselves. This is reminiscent of a message from the word of wisdom Islamic, that happiness over your life will not be realized if thy conscience never feel the joy of it.

May the words of wisdom that inspires motivation can be rewarding for both you and us all. And here we will give you a power that is often missed and forgotten, namely motivating myself to live happily through words of wisdom.
Life is not about how to find ourselves but what creates our true self

Life is a dream for a wise man, a game for stupid people, jokes for the rich, and a tragedy for the poor

Life is simple, yet often we had made it difficult

People will not remember days, but keep in mind is important and memorable moments

Arthur Rubinstein, a renowned Pianist, Russia once said that “if we love life then otherwise life will love us.

Strength does not come from the victory. How big is our efforts to go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength of the actual

You never fall once. We want to see what you can jump as high as the future

The man does not mean anything. His work was the one who made her life means

If men strive against the laws of nature, then he’ll self-destructing

If the dark period ahead of me, obviously better for me to face it like a man, instead of trying to mencerahkannya with imagination-imagination in vain

Life is a series of events is natural and spontaneous. Do not fight back the life that will only create grief. Let the reality come true. Let everything flow naturally

Can anyone get mad, it’s very easy. But angry with the right person, with the right level of anger, at the right time, and with the right objective, is not easy and often forgotten.

Excellence is something we can from practice and habit. Someone will be referred to a superior if he has done everything repeatedly

Try to learn something to challenge everything and everything about something

Life is a challenge that must be faced and the struggle to be won.

Life is Trouble that must be addressed. A secret that had to be dug. The tragedy that has to be experienced. The joy that should be shared. Love that should be enjoyed, and what tasks should be implemented.

This is life as a romance that should be embraced. Risks should be taken. A song that must be sung. A gift should be used. A blessing that must be achieved, and the dream that should be realized.

Kala you in an airy, then know that life is an opportunity that must be used, never neglect to use it

Every way of life that we go through should be able to bring lessons learned to continue to tread the path of it. Due to the way of life for so long and meaningful

Their success is not that smart and savvy. Success belongs to those who have dreams and struggling desperately to reach the dream

Talk about a dream, there is no such thing as remorse. Sorry the same as pursuing our own shadow. Increasingly pursued, the farther from the reach of us.

Ridicule is breakfast for me, rejection is a lunch for me, and the criticism was my dinner. That’s what makes me stronger and stronger

The words of other people will actually become a reality only when you allow it

Women, sometimes tested by sehebat-hebat test. Physical weak but his mind is very strong. that is the grace of God for them

Optimislah with the test. It’s a gift from God. Be grateful, because of the iPhone, your was the choice

Our happiness is not located on the property, not on themselves, not on the sparkling jewelry and beauty of the world. Closely related measure of happiness in our hearts

When people are already asleep, that’s opportunity to step forward. When people haven’t awakened that chance to go any faster

If we did have to lose, never more than a day. But by the victories of tomorrow

The most important subjects of campus life is trouble. The higher the difficulty level of high ADDED VALUE obtained. Never run away from difficulties

Human wisdom is when success can be thankful, as gagalpun remain grateful. Because real wealth and true happiness is in gratitude

I have failed, failed and continues to fail in my life. That’s why I became immune and any success comes by itself

Indeed in this life nothing is for sure. But we must dare to make sure anything that we want to achieve

The quality yourself judged from how you are not what you have

I didn’t fail. I just found a way not to work 10,000

Lots of failures in life are those who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up with

The biggest weakness lies in despair. The surest way to success is to always give it a try one more time

 Well that’s the last of Words of wisdom the most motivating of life, Hopefully helpful …..

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